Easier CPE

Would you like an easier way to buy CPE and keep track of completions? Would you like a larger selection of courses offering more NASBA Fields of Study?

cpe.learning.net may be the answer to these questions.

The Opportunity

You probably buy CPE courses from several providers and must register at several websites to buy those courses. When you want your certificates of completion you have to go back to those websites to find them.

Of course, you want Technical Courses in your practice area: accounting, auditing, taxes. Would you also like courses in the Specialized Knowledge Field of Study that could help you grow your practice? Or, Personal Development courses to build your career?

cpe.learning.net offers you this opportunity.

The Process

Register for an account at cpe.learning.net and review the courses we offer there now.

  • We have courses in Technical FOS from CCH and the AICPA.
  • We have Specialized Knowledge courses in the utilities vertical from Enerdynamics.
  • We continually add courses to our catalogs

Go to cpe.learning.net

Select the Register button at the top, right of the screen.

Create an account. All we need is your name and an email address.

(We keep your contact information private and never share it with marketers or third party providers.)

We’ll send you emails when we have new courses to review. We won’t SPAM you two or three times a day.

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